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Top Of The Line Cleaning Inc. is a full service janitorial service company and we build our values on honesty. We run a small operation that can handle any size job, no job is too big or small. In addition, we are a self made service provider not a franchise, which means you will be doing business directly with the owner who takes pride in all services provided under his name.

Here at Top Of The Line Cleaning Inc, we believe in customer satisfaction. This is why we strive to be the best Buffalo cleaning company with our courtesy and attention to detail. Give us a call today.

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Services Offered:

  • Cleaning Services
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  • Residential Maid services
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Construction Clean-up
Buffalo Cleaning Service: More than Just Clean Buffalo

Your space is a big part of who you are. It says a lot about you as a person and the life you lead but if your space isn't clean, then it may not be saying what you want others to hear, or in this case see. Most of us were brought up with understanding the virtues of cleanliness, but we sometimes find it the most difficult virtue to attain, especially when it comes to cleaning. With today's busy lifestyles who really has time to work at keeping your space as clean as it could be? A professional Buffalo Cleaning Service can help you change all that.

A messy space is simply unproductive and chaotic. Living everyday in clutter and unfinished chores can take the pleasure out of life. It robs you of time and energy, because truthfully, it's impossible to find anything when you need it without an extensive and exhaustive search. A professional Buffalo Cleaning Service regards cleaning chores as a creative and valuable endeavor. They create order out of chaos. Out of a completely messy situation can come a meticulously clean space.

On the other hand you may be neat and organized but don’t have the time or compulsion to always maintain things the way you’d like. Or maybe you just hate cleaning. You’re not alone. Many people find cleaning a stressful and tedious task that conflicts with the time they have to spend with family, at work or doing hobbies and a Buffalo Cleaning Service understands that you don’t always have time to complete some of these tasks. By hiring a reputable Buffalo Cleaning Service you can get those moments of rest, those well-deserved breaks, and personal time and space.

A Buffalo Cleaning Service Creates Order

A quality Buffalo Cleaning Service will customize its high-quality cleaning services to suit your individual needs and satisfy you as the customer. They can set up flexible appointments that work with your schedule whether it’s on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. A one time cleaning appointment can also be set up upon request.

You can be sure that when you hire a Buffalo Cleaning Service they will be polite professionals who do the job effectively and quietly without clashing with your normal routine. These are people that will pay particular attention to detail. Special care will be taken of all your walls, upholstery, carpets and floors by a Buffalo Cleaning Service. They are knowledgeable on which housekeeping materials to use for all kinds of floors like hardwood, marble, granite, ceramic, or linoleum. Stains, spills, grease, soap scum - you name it -- will all be taken care of in the correct manner.

A Buffalo Cleaning Service Creates Comfort

A skilled Buffalo Cleaning Service offers you affordable and competitive rates on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. You can rest assured that they will consistently perform their duties as pre-arranged by you. They won’t let you down and they’ll be there when you most need them. Whenever you are expecting guests or new tenants you can take advantage of other services such as one-time cleaning appointments. These are one-time cleanings which can be pre-arranged by you, your real estate agent, or your broker on a per need basis.

By hiring a Buffalo Cleaning Service you can enjoy the pleasure of entertaining instead of the tension and fatigue that naturally happens. If you’re a landlord, you’ll have the confidence that prospective tenants will notice the care and pride you put into the house or apartment and you’ll feel assured that your property is shown at its best.

Every room will be thoroughly and methodically cleaned by a Buffalo Cleaning Service. This meansdusting rooms and mopping floors. It also includes cleaning blinds, wiping window sills, and vacuuming carpets. Of special importance are cleaning kitchens and bathroom areas. In offices, this involves cleaning offices and cubicles. It includes dusting desks, wiping dividers, and mopping floors. Particular attention is also paid to restrooms and break rooms.

A Buffalo Cleaning Service Creates Health

A professional Buffalo Cleaning Service cares about the health of you and your family and will always use special precautions. Where necessary, safe and non-toxic cleaners will be used. Cloths, mops and dusters are always sanitized and kept separate according to usage. Vacuum cleaners will have appropriate filters to help keep your space free of dust and other airborne contaminants.

When it comes to the work place, a clean environment increases productivity and leaves clients with a positive impression. It improves the motivation of people employed in commercial offices, schools, and recreational facilities like fitness centers. Doctors’ offices and day care centers need to maintain strict hygienic standards because they take care of patients and children. An expert Buffalo Cleaning Service understands the need for and adheres to these high standards.

A reliable Buffalo Cleaning Service employs hardworking men and women that have been carefully screened and well trained to work in the cleaning industry. They are efficient and trustworthy and take pride in doing their job well. A Buffalo Cleaning Service also maintains a high standard of safety. You can be free of worry regarding security and privacy of your space. The management has a high regard for accountability of employees.

It is in the spirit of labor and creativity that a professional Buffalo Cleaning Service offers you the pleasure of its wide array of cleaning programs. Don’t feel that when it comes to cleaning your space or office that you have to tackle the job alone. A willing and able Buffalo Cleaning Service is just a phone call away.


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"The crew from TLC was really great. They are personable, professional and very good! They aren't used to having their clients underfoot when they are on a job, but, they are great about asking if they can vacuum or run the floor cleaner outside of my office. I would highly recommend Marcus and his staff to all of my friends."

"Top of the Line was pleasant to coordinate with and did a very good job cleaning. There was some misunderstanding regarding the invoice, but it was handled. I would recommend Top of the Line."

"I hired Top of the Line Cleaning, Inc. to clean my 90 year old mother's apartment. So far Marcus has been there twice now and each time Mom has raved about how nice and friendly he is and what a good and thorough job he does. The only issue I had with Marcus is that he was late the first time and I had to call him and remind him that he had been told of Mom's anxiety issues and his being late was affecting that. He offered to adjust the next bill and I told him it was more important to be on time. The next time, he was right on time and even wrote on her calendar the dates and times he will again be there. We're very pleased with Marcus. "